Digital Crates #002

This weekly series will cover the best tracks to come out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


ELK - Rock w/you

It's always beautiful when an artist dedicates a track to someone special in their life. You get a small insight into the relationship and love shared between both parties. ELK hits us with a lush remix dedicated to his mother which also happens to be one of my favourite MJ tracks. Rock w/you maintains the feel of its original counterpart but is spiced up with a funky House tempo perfect for those warm summer nights.


Mr Surf - I bootlegged foisey 3

As you can see from the title this is Mr Surf's 3rd flip of a Foisey track and even he doesn't seem to know why it keeps happening. Either way, we are happy that it does because the end result is always wavey! This week, Mr Surf attacks When Thugs Cry (Fuck 2016) by upping the tempo and pitch giving it a bouncier groove but maintaining it's gritty attitude. Bonus: Mr Surf also came out with another amazing track, still not sleepin, this week which you definitely need to check out.


Telescope Thieves - YounKnownNannHoe

The vibrations in this track are strong! Who thought they would here Trick Daddy & Trina spitting dirty over such a smooth beat. Miami based producer Telescope Thieves takes this track to a whole new level with heavy drum kicks and stabbing snares for a certified Trap banger.


Eugene Cam - Bad n Boujee

Migos' Bad & Boujee seems to be the track of the moment and my stream has been filling up with many refixes, edits and bootlegs of the song but this one stood out due to who was behind the buttons. eugene cam first came to my attention when he was known as Akihibara with his track Ecstasy and has been making quality tracks ever since. eugene gives us a light rendition of this anthem and best of all it's a free download. Big shout out the designer on the artwork!


Chris McClenney - Untitled (Funk #2)

Multi-instrumentalist and all-round musical genius Chris McClenny has graced the world with his gorgeous new project Portrait in Two. Untitled is the epitome of new age Funk music with its punchy bassline, bold keys and layered vocal harmonies that will have you grooving. You can view Chris' thought processes and album notes on his website for a deeper insight into the makings of this quality piece.


Senpu - Love

Parisian producer and DJ Senpu is getting co-signed by major players in the Soundcloud game with releases via Darker than Wax and Mellow OrangeLove starts off with a sample from the classic Michael Jackson and Oprah interview reminding us of what a gentle soul the legend was and perfectly introducing us to Senpu's 2-track EP Instruments of Nature. Words from the man himself: "Instrument Of Nature EP" is a little taste before my real upcoming EP" - Well, we are primed and ready for the real deal.


Tuckz - Tek Time (Prod. Ezro)

If you didn't know, Lewisham have been running things when it comes to Grime lately. Tuckz, who represents the boroughs Vision Crew, has just released his debut solo EP Beginner's Luck and provided us with the final piece to the puzzle with the track Tek Time. With his boy Ezro on the buttons, this tune is sounding like a club banger set for reloads. 


C∆PRIISUN - ˚▽ saffron

London has filled with snow tonight and this is the soundtrack to my weekend. C∆PRIISUN delivers a mellow track that sits beautifully on the ears but don't be so distracted by its tone. Make sure you pay attention - from his technical wordplay to the lazy sway of his flow, which is masterful in it's on right, C∆PRIISUN is one to watch for the future. Hats off to junyii and fvo rta on the dreamy production! Loving the instrumental break which wraps up this track nicely.