The second coming

To wake up to a text message saying that Acid Jazz sensation, British band, Jamiroquai are teasing their besotted (speak for myself) fans of a new album and are making a definite effort to tour in 2017, has made me one of the happiest ladies in the world today. Floods of nostalgic moments of my early to mid teens, have filled me with so much excitement that I barely finished my cup of tea before this write up. If I’d of had coffee you wouldn’t be able to read this.

Jamiroquai made their presence known, on Facebook, announcing worldwide tour dates (listed below) with an accompanying teaser trailer from what looks like a forthcoming music video.

Tour stops include plenty of European festivals; Tokyo; and South Korea, and will run from May until August. Fingers crossed these are not all of the dates, and JK and the gang will be joining us at some of the bigger UK festivals!

On to the video. Titled #AUTOMATON TRANSMISSION 001, Jamiroquai’s sound and style is very contemporary and electric with a catchy beat. It’s almost reminiscent of a teaser trailer for a new Sci-Fi film. Vast open spaces and the signature head gear (a clearly designed and improved piece). What a beautiful development in technological fashion we have now, even compared to seven years ago.

Then we get hit with that unmistakeable voice, but only a snippet! It cuts out before we get too much, because obviously, being JK he wants to make us go absolutely insane before he actually releases anything.

Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think, anyone fancy a trip to Athens this summer? …France?



Thursday 25th May — Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

Sunday 28th May — Seoul Jazz Festival, Seoul, South Korea

Saturday 17th June — Release Athens Festival, Athens, Greece

Sunday 9th July — North Sea Jazz, Rotherdam, Netherlands             

Tuesday 11th July — Firenze Summer Festival, Visarno Arena, Florence, Italy

Friday 14th July —  Pori Jazz, Pori, Finland

Sunday 16th July — Musilac, Aix-Les-Bains, France

Tuesday 18th July — Moon & Stars, Locarno, Switzerland

Saturday 22nd July — Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Saturday 5th August — Sudoeste, Portuga