Brand Spotlight: 1Figures London

If you've attended any of the best live music events London has to offer, there's a very high chance you've come across the brand we present to you today - 1Figures London. 1F have synced the arts & music scene perfectly with their street brand, which looks to be taking an exciting turn. Their latest venture which is due for release today at 8pm will be their 'Fruit' drops.

1F have been supported by many musicians who killed it in 2016. The whole Figures movement have been making a lot of noise within the music sector through the likes of SNE, who has been making some groundbreaking moves & Frenzy who is looking to have an exciting 2017. Others sporting 1F - Grime legend Ghetts, Bonkaz, AJ Tracey and Taliwhoah, just to name a few.

Whether it's a 'Nang Girls Only' cap or an 'Unruly' jumper, it's almost a certainty that you will see a 1F item in any East London show.

The drops today bring through colourful items that many may not used to be seeing from 1F. However, I have no doubt these will sell out fast so get your order in for 8pm tonight!

We got a chance to sit down with the founder of 1F, Ras Figures to speak to him about the history behind the brand and find out what 2017 holds...

Ras, tell me a bit more about 1F... How long has 1F been established?
1Figures has been established since 2014, and has been going from strength to strength each year and growing by the grace of God.

The brand name is also something I've seen a lot of people take to, that the people feel a part of. What was the thought process behind it?
The name came from a party I threw with IDREAMBIGUK in 2014, I liked the sound of it and the way it was said. When I decided to run with the name 1Figures, we naturally found a meaning for the name and pushed it towards our community.

Like myself, I've come across 1F at pretty much every live music show in East London specifically. Was the sync with music something that came about naturally or was there a reason music was targeted?
Music I would say is something that came naturally with the brand. My mates make music and I go to shows with them all the time. From there I've met a lot of important and exciting people that have taken a liking to the brand and always have something positive to say about what the brand is doing and the direction in which it is heading.

What would you say has been the biggest learning curve for you setting up 1F and getting the brand established?
The biggest learn has been dealing with all the business side. Learning how to structure a business that can take care of itself. Also all the financial side, keeping up with all the numbers and making sure things such as tax returns are completed and returned on time. Also analysing trends and seeing what's hot and structuring my brand to be the total opposite and follow our own rules.

The 'fruit drops'.. Everyone's seen the teasing artwork all over the socials, there seems to be a high demand already. Tell me more about the significance of this drop...
Haha, the fruit drop! Yes this drop is an exciting one and has raised a lot of eyebrows on the socials. If you've followed the brand for a while you know that we focus on a lot of black clothing with bold messages. A lot of our customers have been asking for colour for a while. The orange and the green are colours that mean a lot to me personally growing up those were my favourite colours and those are my favourite colour sweets! So I wanted to create pieces that somewhat reflect my childhood joys and also bring colours to the Unruly collection which is a popular sweater on its own.

Are there any artists or influencers that haven't rocked 1F yet that you'd like to see in the near future? If so who...
I can sit here and name loads of people that I'd love to wear the clothes but I guess that comes with time and opportunity. I'm already so grateful for the people who have willingly wore the clothing and represented the brand. But if I were to give you some names I'd love to see Adele and Ed Sheeran in some 1Figures gear and Anthony Joshua also.

Building up to this release what song has been getting played on you're speakers?
T Mulla - GIMME has been my favourite tune this whole month. It's such a great feel good song. He is a kid from my home town Hackney making sound waves and positive moves in music.

Lastly, what can the people expect from 1F for 2017?
2017 is a massive year for us at 1Figures, we want to produce a collection which is solid and timeless and bring out more quality products and continue growing at a good speed and direction.

Written by Kieran Spooner
Instagram & Twitter: @kieranspooner13