Jackum reveals the "Number Of The Beast"

Jackum's music resonated with my eardrums instantly. The 23-year-old Londoner is a model, multi genre producer, rapper and melodist so you can't knock the hustle, some people just have it good like that!

A tweet from Poet AyoWrote accurately described him as 'Justin Timberlake and Timberland in one'. In case you were unsure let's be clear, this guy is no novice. Consequently you can expect solid self-produced beats that make Number of The Beast a well compiled, fluid body of work. Don't expect airs and graces though, Jackum's style strikes with an unapologetic middle finger up attitude with lines like “...couldn't hold me down in a thumb war. I asked for the truth and you couldn't come forth, that's when I knew you were done for”. And he’s witty too, damn.

Getting into the music, the first song Thought Process has a somewhat eerie vibe, the beat stammers in the right way if there’s such a thing. Nana Thank God I’m An Angel makes me feel like a badman and I’m a female! This one is screwface worthy and puts better use to Dappy’s signature Nana noise than he did himself!

Next up is the universally relatable 9252MY and it reflects in the number of spins it received on Soundcloud. Listen out for the intriguing sound clip at the end. The whole compilation takes me to a dark, smoky, basement sweatbox somewhere with the donnies I don’t have. There’s also a nice variation of rhyme patterns, metaphors and similes for the lyricists, Number of The Beast is equally chill but you can still do 1,2 dabs.

Man like Jack you’re astounding, how you standing? I just landed pon the mountains. I just planned it, it was amazing. Outlandish!
— Jackum

Searching YouTube under former aliases Jack Williams and Jack Marcy is recommended to peep the evolution of his spitting game. Associated artists include Grime MC Reece West, who he's produced for; the elusive Midnight Phunk from North London, who has an impending EP release; and neo-soultress Jamilah Barry.

Now imagine if Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and SZA made a love child in London what you'd have, my friend, is Jamilah Barry. She has effortlessly caressing dulcet tones, a contralto voice like Teyana Taylor and cadences reminiscent of Chrisette Michelle. Jack features on Jamilah’s track Silly Q's. If this lady continues 2017 as she begun, by releasing seducing singles like Dance Moves, we're set for a promising year ahead.  

Overall, it's hard to pick one standout component to praise from Jackum Stackum’s compilation made for the 2017 New Year because after the first tracks grab you, you're guaranteed to find yourself listening through to the end and peckish for more.

Take a gander at his Soundcloud at for Jackum's 'Lost and Found archives' for throwback instrumental beats 'from qway back shwen' which are textured enough to satisfy without vocals.

If you weren’t lucky enough to see him live at The Pit London at Chip Shop Brixton, worry not because you have another chance! Jackum is back on the line up for the next show on the 8th of February at Camden Assembly alongside Bobii Lewis, Ella Frank and Jerome Thomas. Tickets are still available HERE.

Written by Irene Priestnal
Instagram: @love_jones._