Digital Crates #004


This weekly series will cover the best tracks to come out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


Treez Lowkey - Alicia

Any track that is named Alicia gets an instant play from me. Any new track from Treez Lowkey also gets immediate play. So when I saw that the Virginia rapper dropped a new EP this week I jumped straight on it with excitement. When It Rains is the latest instalment to Lowkey's repertoire and he continues to push the boundaries of his futuristic Hip Hop sound. Alicia bumps heavy and will definitely be my new ammo track in the club.


PVNDO - Karl Pee'd / Lost Dutch

One word to describe this track: WEIRD. Musical and graphic artist PVNDO makes 1 half of Button alongside his production partner Bobby Earth. The production takes full control in their latest collab but what makes it weird are the crazy disjointed vocals from PVNDO that both make you laugh and raise your eyebrow in concern. It's almost like listening into the mans running thoughts as he bashes Karl for literally peeing on the floor. Inspiration can come from anywhere! The backdrop provides some great Funk vibes that break down to an eerie drawl in the second half of the track. 


Amber Jeanne Navran - Chocotaco

The soulful harmonies of Moonchild's front-woman fill my room as I stick this tune on repeat. You literally have less than a minute to embrace in Amber Navran's beautiful vocals as they wrap around the groovy melody before you're met by the cold air of silence. I'm not sure if this is a demo but I NEED to hear more!


Lou Phelps - Average feat. KALLITECHNIS [Prod. By KAYTRANADA]

This was my introduction to Lou Phelps but upon researching I'm ashamed! Lou has been making huge moves in the past year including touring and working very closely with fellow Canadian homie Kaytranada. Their latest creation comes from Phelps forthcoming debut album "001: Experiments" which is due to drop very soon. Average features the vocals of soul singer KALLITECHNIS which is a lovely addition to compliment Phelps smooth lyrics. Check out the dope visuals here.


LIL XAN - HELL Ft. CHEM X [Prod Alfon Zaaberg]

As I dip deeper into the underworld of the Hip Hop scene, I keep coming across artists that are pushing a dark sound that will never hear on your radio. The sound brings together the lyricism of Rap and the aggression of Hardcore to create noise that, to some, might seem harsh on the ear but to others is a form of unfiltered expression. LIL XAN and CHEM X come together to bring us a Hell - it bumps heavy in the whip and makes you lose all inhibitions with its murky production.


howcome - wrong

This platform is all about discovery and there is nothing better than finding a fresh artist on their first ever song. The enigma that is howcome has no social media to stalk and just released their first track, wrong, less than a day ago. Is it a secret alias or a brand new person entering the scene? Time will tell. They have certainly caught our attention with this new track that turns a Migos sample into a beautiful symphony. We will keep an eye out for more music from howcome.