Chrom3 jumps back into the scene and hits home in 'Pride'

Remember Chrom3 (formerly Chrome) who collabed with Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harrison smash hit "Dance Wiv Me"? He has returned on the more sombre, eye-opening track "Pride", highlighting the knife and gun crime epidemic that is currently rife in the city of London. 

Released via GRM Daily, the piece is inspired by the shocking footage of Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton's mother cleaning her son's blood from the pavement, which followed a series of murders in the capital last month. Upon seeing this, Chrom3 decided more needed to be done to raise awareness in his community. He states:

I was heartbroken watching that lady. They say no parent should have to bury their child but the sad reality in London is this keeps happening. It seems like every month I hear of someone in my community falling victim to the struggles. The conditions that these young people are in means they feel they have no options. We need more support, more opportunities, more youth engagement. They’re closing down the youth clubs, building luxury flats where there used to be football pitches then they try and blame the music which is really just a reflection of young people’s reality

Check out the visual for Pride at the jump