Combining lyrical excellence and soft melodies, Canadian artist E R R O R has released his newest track ‘LIVE MY LIFE’. Rhyming his overcoming of darkness and his new view on life, E R R O R’s self-reflection is a large part of his latest single. He prides himself on being above the competition. Flowing about self-medication and thinking outside of the box, E R R O R projects a firm but poised message on this song. Urging the world to let him “Live My Life”; this is not only a message projected from himself but from many in the world. The raw emotion captured in this song are some that many people around the world feel. Feelings of confusion, doubt and isolation are all accurately embodied on this track. ‘LIVE MY LIFE’ is a beautiful song with a charming sentiment and a calming vibe. Created by a highly talented artist, this will not be the last time we hear from E R R O R.