Cloudy McSunshine

Photo Credit:  M4rz

Photo Credit: M4rz

Take some to time to sink into the frequencies of Houston musician - Bobby Earth - with his debut album Cloudy McSunshine. His gooey beats and smooth vocals are guaranteed to relax your brainwaves whilst making your head bop with the bass drum ‘cause Bobby knows how to pack the punch. Earth has been a key player in producing creations from artists in Texas and beyond in recent years. Founding the Houston label - Millky Wayv - who made their presence known to the world in 2015 with the loud and proud collab - The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard - Earth has been behind the decks for fresh releases from fellow Houston-creators Peyton, Eros and many more. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Cloudy McSunshine is a long overdue record considering the efforts Earth has put into other people’s music.

The tone of the album is set with the intro – Cloudy’s Theme – an opening of water droplets bouncing off a galactic Rhodes, underscored by a spacey simulation of a double bass. From here, the listener knows they are in for a soothing electronic trip. In true hip-hop fashion, Earth takes the intro and flips into a limb-tingling beat – Rain – featuring the multi-talented L.A artist – Nonchalant Savant.

Stardust is another track on the record which gently rocks the listener into Earth’s hazy sound world. Ringing true to the southern states’ trap tradition, Earth layers his soulful vocals on top of the steady moving beat that is all hi-hat, remarking on his gratitude to be with his lady stardust.

An equally sensual tune that comes later in the album is Up From Here, featuring vocals from Eros and Isis V. The two exchange verses and melodies, with Eros’ husk contrasting beautifully against Isis V’s air-light tones. They sit so familiarly on the track, which consists of a loop of an ethereal guitar riff and Earth’s layered percussion.

The record isn’t just tunes for the lovers though, and it especially bangs in tracks Blue Collar Poppin’ and Gnarly 1.5. The first will have you nodding in agreement with Earth’s repeated refrain: ‘I worked so hard today, I think I’m gonna quit. That’s what I say every day, till I realise I need the chips’: the ideal tune to blast through your headphones as a post-work pick-me-up. Gnarly 1.5 is most definitely the end of the week anthem, with its elevating synths and muffled rhythms already putting you in the head space of the party before you’ve even got there.

Earth’s bringing together of his talents in production and vocals, as well as his trap, soul and hip-hop influences, blends Cloudy McSunshine into one audibly addictive sound. Collaborating with the likes of Steve Lacy and Matt Martians to make the record, Earth can only leap higher into the stratosphere from here.