Jerome Thomas comes up for air with ‘Bruises’

Photo Credit:  Christopher Cargill

Photo Credit: Christopher Cargill

This release is something of a milestone for the Hackney artist, it marks his open chest. Like a snapshot of a man rapidly losing life through not knowing how not to give, the beat stumbles and drags us through the never ending cycle of a lover you cannot leave.

Dying, for you

Jerome, ethereal and strange, glissandos his mournful melodies. Unmatched vocally, it is impossible for him to not convey the message. Jerome sings as an instrument, and writes as a stoned sage.

Bruises precedes a video release later this year, closely followed by what his fans have been waiting for, his second E.P since the enlightenment of ‘Conversations’. Entitled ‘Moodswings’ it looks to be an invitation into the multifaceted brooding mindset of a very deep artist. Working alongside some of the most promising producers on the circuit (Joe Armon Jones, Warren Xclnce, Fr1th, CIN), Jerome Thomas is undoubtedly set for very big things in 2019.

You can catch Jerome and his incredible ‘Foechestra’ headlining the Jazz Cafe on the 27th February 2019, following a string of high energy shows across the country.