Cool Bless Safe

First things first, this piece doesn't even need a cool or pun-based title. And I like that.

Finn Foxell hits us up with a video shoot for Cool Bless Safe. Shot by the likes of Louis Foster and edited by Stooty the video has ALL KINDS of sauce.

Low angles, minimal visual effects and rewind shots. The video is simple but attention to detail is all important. Each member of the crew is representing that all-important merch (*cough* hookmeup) in various colour combos and various ways of styling. Jeans, tracks, layered? It's all wearable.

Finn Foxell is a powerhouse of a voice. Excuse me but who gave this young man such a deep and menacing vocal? With a signature mellow yet slightly mumbled array of bars, Finn bangs each bar and successfully makes me vibe along and giggle a little with lines like “she don't miss me now, she will later” and wavey little moves from the whole gang.

Stooty uses minimal effects in tiny blinks like increasing exposures and negative filters. It works really well in the transitioning and having certain shots rewound make the simple visual that little more captivating and intense to watch. My personal fave being that opening shot of Finn walking seamlessly backwards down the stairs. What an intro.

Another prime example of how music videos can be done effectively and well without millions.

Congrats team. And seriously, where can I get my hands on this merch? @nancyhgardner I’m waiting…