Worlds Collide In ‘Praise the Lord (Da Shine)’

A$AP Rocky shows his ever-growing love for the UK in particular, London in recent years. Rocky mentioned his connection to London when speaking to Vogue in 2017, that the city is his favourite place in the world “It’s the best of all, and true to all its clichés”.  His latest visual ‘Praise the Lord (Da Shine)’ off his latest album Testing, sees him collaborate with Skepta and Dexter Navy who are both from this side of the pond.

The gritty visuals are centred around a split-screen showing Rocky’s life in New York City and Skepta’s world in London *cough cough* large up Thamesmead. These are the two things I can’t believe, how Skepta got Rocky and Dexter to Thamesmead to film a video and how Dexter has never been nominated for the best director which is shocking. Anywho let me not go on a rant about the latter, let’s just keep enjoying Dexter's work while we get the chance.

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