CoolAssPPL - Clue's in the name


A group that despite coming from far and wide around the US of A, found each other, hooks us up with summertime track ‘Catch That Vibe’ along with a one-hell-of-a-ride video. Made up of singers, producers, rappers and all-round talented musicians, the track has a clear and unique style. With heavy US hip-hop influences, the tune also has some unexpected but seamless, soul and funk vibes in there.

It's strange because from listening to the track to watching the video, I really thought I knew whose verse was whose based on photos and promos. However, I was genuinely shocked at not only the performance on video, but also the quality of writing and execution of each members bars, vocals and how it merged all together.

The track really gives me that Chance the Rapper, happy hip-hop sound - something that we need more of in music because not all rappers should have to be hard and scary. Masculinity comes in many forms and it needs to be more common. It's also is something that the video reflects so well. Just a bunch of guys with a shared passion bouncing around, hanging out and catching jokes in various locations. The scenes depict for us UK homegrowns, that stereotypical young American life. Views for miles, bleachers, riding around crazy in a whip full of friends. Not only does it sell you to dream, it deffo makes you feel almost as if you spent a summer with them, you caught that vibe with them and those are just your memories from the trip.

100% will be watching all summer, not just because I’m fresh back from Miami and suffering from terrible holiday blues, but also cause its a vibe. Catch it!