Over The Days


WOW! Just Wow. Sunken, London based band freshly signed to record label Handsome Dad Records, release a dreamy new track "Over The Days". Full of sexuality and soul, the track takes over and for a clean five minutes, nothing else matters. This is the kind of track everyone knows someone who will love it unconditionally.

With a sensual string of melody and a heavy dash of musical talent, the band create something I can only describe as jazzy witchcraft! The theatrical beauty of the song, including keys and sax, reminds me of classic film and movie stars in black and white, and frontwoman Poppy steals the show completely. Sounding something like Joanna Newsom and Amy Winehouse had a baby but in her own impossibly beautiful way. 

This classic and unique sound teamed with tiny speckles of modern electric sound create a  perfect combo of old and new. Everything from the music to the lyrics is genuinely faultless. This is the kind of music that makes me want to fall in love. The kind of song that makes me forget all the downsides to it. That makes it all sound worth it.

Sunken, you have a new massive fan in me!