Digital Crates #015


This series covers the best submission tracks we have recently received and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


Swick - Send Me The Money (ft. Capo Lee)

Starting off this week with a Maui Thai kick to the face courtesy of Melbourne producer Swick and the Lord of Grime, Capo Lee. Fresh off the Swick’s latest mixtape Court Composer, ‘Send Me the Money’ is straight DJ arsenal that is fit to lock off any dancehall with its UKG-inspired bounce and flow. The track is off-key, filled with sounds and elements that shouldn’t work but just do! Check out the EP for more weird and wonderful magic.


Kshr. - Freddy

To be a true Hip Hop MC, you have to be an admirable storyteller and Toronto rapper Kshr. has this trait down to a T. His rhymes are clear and vivid, painting a moving picture for the listener to really deep his words. In his latest single Freddy, Kshr. recites the trials and tribulations of his come-up through “acquiring” beats in his early childhood from YouTube to being kicked out of his home, coming full circle as he bounces back to being one of the hottest new rappers in the game right now. Your 2019 list of rappers to watch has to include Kshr.


Shumba Maasai - AK Sutt'in

Shumba Maasai’s calm yet militant style of rap never ceases to amaze me. 'AK Sutt'in' is his latest offering to the musical world - a tribute to the late Nigerian funk musician William Onyeabo. The production, provided by UK beatmaker Mini Gold, is dreamy and spacious giving Maasai enough room to weave his script around the elements of the track. Shumba Maasai has been showing real promise in the last 2 years and it’s always warming to see friends in the scene really hone in on their craft and get deserved recognition.


Vayay - Black Lodge (Prod. Piano Black)

Ambiguous Culture member Vayay enters with his debut solo endeavour on tongue-twister ‘Black Lodge’. The track touches on the themes of surrealism and dystopia, with Vayay declaring his near disdain for the rising correlation between social media acceptance and commercial music success. As an alternative rapper, it can be hard to break through the ideologies that Instagram and Twitter instils in people, however he manages to overcome this with this stream of consciousness throughout his verses which has definitely caught our attention!


Young Lyonne & Ray Medixi - Kobe

Medixi duo Young Lyonne and Ray Medixi pay homage to the greatest hustler to ever live - Kobe Bryant. Switching back and forth on the eerie production, fitting of a Hitchcock flick, the pair verbalise their thirst for success and devotion to the music game. The passion shines through bright on this one!