Never Down, Never Gang

Fuelled by abusive misconceptions, Nicki Knightz’ latest offering from the rising project ‘Hate EP’ chronicles her experience as a juvenile artist amongst a group of boys, and being considered a slut for it. In a perfect combination of Hackney prose and poetry Nicki defends the fact that she was simply rapping. The video shows her relaxing with producer and artist Henny Knightz (Hackney’s Most Hated) whilst rocking pastels and tartan, staring coyly at those girls who now hit up her line regularly. In keeping with the E.P, an inauspicious shadow of hate reminds us that despite loving the ends she didn’t even want to walk around in her own town, and that talent without confidence or predictable piers made her painfully unique.

Conveying vulnerability, reality and progression atop a supreme level of creative production ‘Mindwalk’ is very real food for thought.