Doing Nothing

Good evening, and welcome to Bases a lo fi gift from 18 year old Argentinian producer Bokki. I’ve always enjoyed the work of minimalist producers, and I’m enjoying this one so much I’m going to review not only the single but the recent album Doing Nothing

But how are we to obtain an understanding of a sound through words? This is essentially a lo-fi instrumental album, but how can I describe a melodic ease? How can I describe the Tempos?

I can’t, to be perfectly honest. 

...but to give you the bare minimum, ‘Doing Nothing’ is well phrased lo fi piano/Wurlitzer with field music composed beats that bounce with elegance and groove. The melodies and beds are truly considered, and have stories with no words. The electronic elements, akin to the old masters of ‘ambient’ have the ability to make electricity natural.

Bases’ is the definition of Downtempo, with curious nods to resolution that aren’t jazz or classical, but a soulful merging of the two. None of this work is from samples. It is all original. Earlier release ‘01160131’ however, references Debussy’s - ‘Clair De Lune’ which satisfied my suspicions about the musical sentiments (def: exaggerated and self-indulgent feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia) of the artist.

Bases’ is available at Spotify as is ‘Do Nothing’ and I hope to make really good friends with the works. So often, simply one listen and an opinion is enough for us to assume we know a record. I’ma try spend time with this.