Watering The Garden

Brad Stank describes his cerebral slow jams as sexistential pop. As his debut EP ‘Eternal Showdown’ demonstrates, Brad’s laid-back vibe touches on downtempo funk, 70s West Coast jazz and ethereal psychedelia. And lyrically it occupies the philosophical middle-ground between life’s big existential dilemmas and innate sexual impulses. His message is simple – talk less, love more.

Now Brad releases the new track ‘Watering The Garden’ - his first new music since ‘Eternal Showdown’, which has already exceeded 10 million streams. ‘Watering The Garden’ captures Brad’s charmingly unhurried vibe. On one hand it fits alongside modern slacker rock / lo-fi favourites such as Mac DeMarco and HOMESHAKE but it grooves like a Ronnie Foster 7” played at 33RPM. And with Brad being Brad, the lyrics are somehow simultaneously playful and philosophical. It’s an empowering reminder for people to try to find the time to recharge and to look after their mental health.