A relatively new name on London’s exploding rap scene is VXMOB, a five-man creative collective that has combined their passion for music and long-term friendship together. They burst into the scene a year ago with their debut project VX Sounds Vol. 1 and followed it up with another project releasing just before summers arrival, Lost Archive.

VXMOB combines different elements of the UK and US sound and describes themselves as ‘fresh, no box’ bringing their own vibe, flow and vocal style with versatility being the key to their sound. Their latest single 'Face' a single to paint a picture with 1 word is 'GREAZZ'. Shorter than usual tracks, being only 1 minute and 35 seconds long, VXMOB wanted to leave listeners wanting more after being drawn in and being left amped. The visuals for the single do not miss and brings the track to life perfectly.