Sensibilite Nerveuse - Che Lingo’s Unveiling of the Heart

Ever contemplative and affected, each track from Che Lingo is a re-emergence, another layer. Having ridden with him for this long, we are once again rewarded with another angle. ‘Circles’ is deceptively arranged, at first appearing to be assimilating the original structures of it’s electro inspired beat, but at 2:13 Che; who had for a moment let us forget what an incredible rapper he is, fills in the gaps between the cryptic lyrics of the first act. Such desperation in love makes Che fall to his knees, never able to escape the cycle of it, his horror highlighted by the ever scrolling circles of Instagram. With vulnerability being a focus of Che’s rapidly approaching release ‘Sensitive’, this break out track reminds us we aren’t safe behind the screen, we give away far more than we think, and when we don’t give anything away are we even still there?

A contrasting release like Circles will challenge Che’s audience and those that share in his vision will see that he’s here to stay. We are grateful to him for opening the door for sensitivity to come through and expand the lyrical landscape for the new year.