Forty Eight


Kshr. had already been noticed by The Pit London, after releasing his ‘Psalm 91’ and this second discovery from the rapper is intriguing. His latest track ‘Forty Eight’ is compiled of two parts - a commentary on the life of a prostitute, and a series of samples of a prostitute talking about her slipstream into the game.

Kshr. sets the scene of trying to change the young girl’s life, and of her telling him that he can take her as she is or leave because she herself will leave either way. He explains the abuse that drove her to run to the street, then enter the sample.

Far from a protagonist that provokes pity, the voice in the sample is beautiful. She casually guides you through the meeting of her pimp, how we lured her, as if somehow all the experiences that came after hadn’t changed her. Kshr. fills in the truths and demystifies the rhetoric, all to the backdrop of a haunting jazz break. Whether or not the sample IS the protagonist is irrelevant. Kshr. continues his story - enter drugs, breaking of the spirit and descending further into the game.

It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to discuss the remainder of the track, you can find it out best by listening to it yourself.