Having spent 5 months out in professional development, melancholic conscious UK rapper Kings Cvstle is back with fresh insights on ‘Grateful’. It is the follow up to 9 prior releases since 2018 and 6 accompanying videos. Jazz Hop Cafe Records release ‘Just Friends’ has amassed over 13K views on Youtube and more than 20K streams on Spotify.

‘Grateful’s lyrics depict a morphing scene of Kings’ friends and days drifting up in smoke amidst the repetition of poverty and the catalyst of drugs. The mournful jazz break is designed to be as resonant as possible to achieve maximum emotional effect, expressing both a warning and Kings’ gratitude for his own personal escape from obscurity. Most important, is the empathy the track creates for unnecessarily wasted talent and years.

This is a beautiful track accompanied by a beautiful video, provided by pioneering filmmakers Loudhouse. The artist is seen in various shots of contemplation on a cold Brighton beach. A perfect psychedelic sunset is juxtaposed against a sharp cliffside and perfectly compliments the tracks subject matter of remorse, hope and gratitude whilst being a stark reminder of the coldness that comes with a life on road without direction.

Having performed across London at Cargo, The Streatham Space Project, and at prestigious spoken word events ‘Mind Over Matter’ and ‘Poetivity’ Kings Cvstle is set to host his headline show coinciding with the release of his highly anticipated EP in early 2020. The project will be produced by Tympanik - an established Jazz/Hip Hop producer based in Manchester.