I can’t come here and die


Lex Amor officially has, what I’m dubbing as, the WAVIEST track out now. The flow. The cadence. The attitude it exudes. Issa mood!

The North London rapper, poet and DJ brings her latest single “Mood” - a true dose of reality on the day-to-day feelings of a striving creative. Lex Amor puts to paper some of the thoughts we all go through in our darkest times and questions whether all this struggle is worth it for the, sometimes, underwhelming return. Despite the hardship illustrated throughout the track - “dropped a song and now what?/Ain’t nothing changing it home” - Amor lets us know that she’s in this game to stay. Produced by False Ego, the beat is cold and fitting, with drums that slap hard and leave ample space for the rapper to lay down intricate flows with ease. In the words of Future - sensational!