I would hate me too

Self identifying as 'Hackney's Most Hated' Nicki Knightz and Henny Knightz look set to forefront a wave of a more genuine, less superficial rap initiative bubbling up in East London, with Nicki's debut solo release 'HATE E.P' which is out tomorrow.

The opening drum-break on the first single ‘Hate’ is notably bereft of rolling snares or cheap over produced 808 samples - that’s a real drum machine. The eerie reverse loop makes a bed of flames for the numb acceptance of not being used to the love, but being used to the hate. The production is courtesy of Henny Knightz, the other half of their Alt Hip Hop duo 'The Knighthood Society'.

The delivery of Nicki Knightz' autobiographical flow is so hard that seemingly inconsequential experiences - “Say my teeth are fucked say I need a brace” - cut deep and blunt, expressing the artists' anguish with complete sincerity but never pleading for sympathy. I cannot urge you more to take notice.

Music for me has always been an expression that helps me be my ‘better self’
— Nicki Knightz