I wanna know you well

With a name like Kadeem Tyrell you can smell the brewing celebrity status a mile off. A name to picture in lights. Modern R'n'B Soul vibes reign heavy in his new track Let Me Know (produced by the amazing Baker Aaron). A harmony of voices from one chest teamed with a laidback romantic beat, makes for some sort of trippy Soul anthem.

Now, as a writer I am pretty much obligated to do some research before my article, and upon finding the visuals for this particular tune, as a fashion grad, I’m thoroughly impressed. If you want to know how to make the best of a photo studio, watch this! If you want to know how to create a visually stunning but incredibly simple music video, watch this! If you wanna create a million dollar visual, on a budget, get your notepad ready, and WATCH THIS!

Everything about it is not only current and on trend, with visual references to the #CarefreeBlackBoy movement, use of colour blocking, soft lighting, soft tones like dark but muted greens and pastel yellows, and the intricate yet abstract set design. Ugh! Just beautiful. So simple and yet Kadeem tells us the whole story.

The stereotypical femininity of the visual pairs perfectly with the crux of the song, and the person Kadeem portrays himself as, vocally. At first listen I straight away recognised that subtle but present Macy Gray twang in his voice, paired with the fact that not only is this a romantic and very sexy tune, but it screams ‘consent is sexy’. It tears away away from the throwaway culture of sex and relationships that we are all so used to hearing about. Lovingly, Kadeem creates a situation in which we're in control with lyrics like ‘Let me know, when you need somebody’ and ‘I wanna know you well’ and that genuinely comforts me. Its a no pressure situation, in song - a good song! And for a music writing commitment-phobe with a strong feminist agenda, that just suits me damn perfectly!

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