When Vic Santoro steps in the building have your "Cheque" ready

Vic Santoro’s latest song Cheque embodies everything great about the current state of UK Hip Hop. Surprisingly produced by the legendary Diplo (and I say surprisingly as to my knowledge I have never heard a Diplo produced authenticity sounding UK Hip Hop song) you can tell that this has been something he has been bursting to get out of there. The chemistry of the production with Vic’s deep tone and hard hitting bars is unrivalled by anything out there now.

Off his latest EP Winner Stays On this is a stand out track on what is one of the stand out tracks on an already great project. everyone needs to make sure to listen to the EP in its entirety as the sound in itself is something of a masterpiece. It is a microcosm of the UK scene taking you on a journey of current Drill from the intro then into the old school Channel U feel with Chosen and Outtro.

Notable mentions from the tape include Front Row showing Santoro’s range with his take on an Afroswing track ready to shut down the raves. Another banger includes The One, another hit taking us on a journey into the life of Vic.

Aptly titled Cheque, Vic is making it clear that he no longer needs to show you what he has to offer and now knows his worth. We believe that he is definitely worth whatever his price is. So promoters take note if you want Vic to shut down the dance, BE READY TO WRITE THAT CHEQUE!