You’re all I need in the struggle, oh it’s my antidote
— Boadi

Boadi is a town in Ghana as well as the name of an incredible musician and singer from South London who presents his June 2017 EP AwoMaa, a mastery of craftsmanship. AwoMaa has a retro feel that manages to span era's, throwing back to all that's good about real Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and hints of Hip Hop.

This is music that is spiritually rooted and feels like home owing to Boadi translating his Ghanaian culture, family musical tradition and Church disciplines to create a wholesome sound. Boadi brings delectableness and sophistication with real instruments opposed to an electronic template that dominates music outlets, which is the perfect detox. AwoMaa is an opportunity to appreciate virtuous acoustics from a different frequency connection, the epitome of soul music.

Enter the indulgent intro which glimpses frolicking horns, guitar, saxophones and black magic. The first full song Only You rolls in real smoothly showcasing effortless sexiness and a standout bassline. Boadi's voice reveres that of veterans Omar and Raheem Devaughn.

Boadi's velvet tones in funk flavoured The Feeling and appropriately placed growls emphasise the quality that is carried throughout. Grow is a short track that features bebopping female singer Jael, whose Jazz scatting beautifully compliments Boadi's.

The EP titled song AwoMaa is a stunning self deprecating ballad dedicated to Boadi's mother that unashamedly pulls on the heartstrings. Seasons was a fitting choice to end the EP on, it has a goosebump raising acapella intro that creates an element of suspense culminating in the heights of Boadi's falsettos.

Much like the song title SeasonsAwoMaa as a package serves as the ideal backdrop to either a rainy day curled up under the duvet with cocoa in hand or a breezy summers afternoon soaking up the sun. Boadi proves himself to be a soulful heavy hitter.

Words by Irene Priestnal