Young Yizzy is Steppin' into new heights off the back of his debut EP

Steppin' demands attention. Kicking off with distorted banjos and menacing strings, the production from Gamer stands out and serves a perfect accompaniment to the 17-year old’s fervent delivery. Young Yizzy’s competency on the mic is taken to the high level, displaying a lyrical dexterity and clever wordplay to rival MC's that are years into their career...

I’m rotten, I won’t stop. Take your breath away I’m like dot dot dot

The track also pays homage to the grime legends that paved the way for Yizzy and shows his commitment to the scene. In his own words he explains: "The idea behind ‘Steppin’ was to make a track so that wherever I go people know that man walks with grime on my back. That's how we step".

Words by Oscar Ralf