Plugging our fave Essex based artist Idris Miles yet again, Idris hits us with a collab with vibesy London based, brother, artist and producer, Elijah Melo. In his signature wavey way combined with a laid back bubbly beat, production value is tip top. Steel drum samples and consistent hats gives me something to twitch to between shoulder rolls and body waves. A definite danceable track, suitable for BBQ’s, beach trips and those warm evening get togethers.

This tune, along with a lot of Idris’ other recent releases; such as Summer Seventeen, truly reminds us that summer is a time for love, romance and flings. Even if its just those, self absorbed moments of drunkenness, staring at a sunset from the top of one of the following hills; Crystal Palace Park, Primrose Hill or Pollards Hill, depending entirely on where you’re situated. (Sorry if I didn’t list your hill)

With a definite American and Caribbean influence, the tracks power of two works really well together, with a similar flow but very different style of lyricism. Both Idris and Elijah smash the boundaries of what UK Hip hop really is and can sound like when influenced by an array of genres and cultures. But I think that is an appealing part of Idris’ music, and even having discussed this over a can of K (Classy) at the Playlist Party UK, Idris told me “People always ask what kind of music I make, but I do everything”

I think finding an artist that can go from genre to genre, producer to producer and really flip the switch with every season or release, but is still recognisable through his style, lyrics and voice, is very hard to find, and only really shows the talent of the man.

And with such vibesy summer beats, and production like this, Elijah Melo is definitely one to watch this summer! Also be sure you check out previous collab Friends With Benefits as a little track on their progress as a duo.

Written by Nancy H Gardner