Lebeaux - Sold Out


So on the eve after my Birthday I had the pleasure of reclaiming my youth for Lebeaux’s sold out show at The Hope & Ruin, Brighton. Lebeaux is a contemporary Pop, RnB, Funk trio made up of front man Turrell, percussionist Luke and Rob on bass.

Although the trio doesn’t self describe as being influenced by Classic Rock and varying degrees of Metal, the influence is very much present. Which not only increases the bands on stage energy and talent, but also creates this mesmerising combination of genres, especially if you have a vastly eclectic taste, like myself.

Before going into the main event I want to first set the scene. A dimly lit venue with all the necessary amenities (loos, bar, giant disco ball) sits above a trendy kitsch bar just off Brighton’s main shopping parade. Drinks are actually very fairly priced, the room has a large space (plenty to jump around) and DJ HOWJAM sets the mood with some classic 90's bangers. If I was drunk and not in work mode, I would be all over that dancefloor. Next up is Kudu Blue, a live performance of something along the lines of Erykah Badu meets Bombay Bicycle Club, only with hints of Rock and some Reggae influences in there. I’ll deffo be looking these guys up, because that effortless voice and seamless percussion is really worth hearing!

So, back to the show, the event, organised to commemorate a new single by Lebeaux "Gold Man". As a long awaited success story, the band has been working for years to create and release the new single, so make sure you support their efforts and stream as we go on. Gold Man is a soul smothered, up beat tune with a powerful stance and everything from Rap to insane harmonies from front man Turrell. The release is a perfect representation of Turrell’s vocal abilities, with everything from Spoken Word pieces and high notes that would make Mariah proud. That teamed with a faultlessly well rehearsed and passionate backing of musicians and singers made for a genuinely enjoyable visit.

The chemistry I speak of consists not only with those on stage, but to their audience. With audience participation, claps, singing and signature dance moves are all a part of the experience. And this is only even more encouraged by Turrell and his amazingly talented back up singers sassy routines and perfectly synced moves. The fully sold out show just goes to represent how much their fans love this band to the very core. At one point Turrell talks to the audience about his nerves and worries before the new release “you’re a gold man” and “you’re a superstar!” audience members heckle, much to the agreement of the rest of the huge crowd.

Its hard not to smile and join in as you watch Lebeaux perform, their energy and empowering stance is totally infectious, I left feeling pleased with myself and so happy in the knowledge that they enjoyed being there as much as everyone else in the room. These are the kind of attitudes of a band that will go very far, and if you happen to love this amalgamation of sassy, funky, unapologetically eclectic genre of its own, as much as I do, then watch this space. Grab those tickets whilst you can, because you will be just as pleased as I was. I can very much picture Lebeaux selling out shows in much bigger venues some day in the not too distant future. And you will probably save yourself a buck or two, as well as having the power to say “I’ve been following them for years!”