Get "Caught Up" with the sound of Harve

You guys really need to catch up to Harve because her sound, complemented by her vocals, is second to none! Fair enough she has just started releasing work out into the world but don’t be late to the party. After releasing Caught Up around 4 months ago the song has just been on replay as it is a mixture of R&B, Soul and Electronic, which is right up my street.

I wrote Caught Up a while back, just on my laptop with my little synth. Had a couple of demos which I then took to Kwes Darko aka Blue Daisy who helped me finish them
— Harve

Kwes Darko plays a part in putting the finishing touches on this record and is instrumental in working with young emerging talents who are causing a ruckus in the music scene one of which is Slowthai.  

Check out "Caught Up" Below