Digital Crates #007

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This weekly series will cover the best tracks to come out in the last 7 days and expose you to some great artists from around the world.


SL - Genes (Ft. Chip)

This one dropped only a day or so ago, good to see SL getting with a legend in the form of Chip. The record has a great summer vibe to it and one I’m sure will be making noise for some time to come. 

- Kieran


P-Rallel Ft. J.A.E - Cherry Wine

I've been seeing a pleasant change in the sound P-rallel has been presenting to the world recently and I am totally here for it. A beautiful example is this fresh track featuring vocalist J.A.E. P-rallel is responsible for the sultry beat and also layers it with his own vocals to give it a dreamy texture. The tail-end of the track comes with it's own surprises with a nice tempo change and flow. 

- Tramell


Avelino ft. J Styles (Ice City Boyz) - More Everyting

Close pick between ‘More Everything’ and SL latest banger ‘Genes’ assisted by Chip.  Let’s just say Avelino edges it (banter Kieran stole my pick), on a real though Avelino came back swinging coming off the release No Bullshit mixtape. This track here takes on a heavy Trap instrumental from Slumboy, as Avelino & Ice City’s J Styles share tales of fame and fortune complemented by the realities of the work that goes into it. Songs like this are what I like most about AV because he comes hard with wordplay on this track.

- Daniel


Nines ft. Dave - Venting

The production on this one is crisp! From the album Crop Circle, Nines and Dave what could go wrong?! Definitely one to roll up something to & take in. I hope there’s gonna be visuals coming for this one! If you haven’t checked out Nines short movie for the album ‘Crop Circle’ check it here! One of the sickest things an artist from the city has done in a minute! Salute to Nines on everything he’s putting out at the moment!

- Kieran


Abra Cadabra - Hood Politics

Abra Cadabra’s takes a more introspective outlook with this track which is not usually something we get from the North London Teen, but this is something I like to see more from him. As he slows his flow slightly to layout his perceptive of what is happening within his own area describing it as a “shambles”, as well as describing the divide in his community “Tottenham ain’t one no more, it's ten” is what bring it all the way home for me as he is more than aware of what is happening around him and is able to open up the debate in the recent spike in violence in London epically Tottenham. 

- Daniel