The “Uncool” Message

For most April 20th is a time to smoke up and enjoy the taboos of the world. When it pertains to J. Cole though, that is not the case. With his brand-new album KOD freshly released and racking up exponential numbers, Cole has gotten everybody thinking “Why do I deal with my pain this way?”.

J. Cole elects to rap about many of the distinct avenues that people take in order to escape their pain. He himself chooses to share many of his own personal experiences over catchy beats and verbose hooks. On the album cover Cole writes  “This album is no way intended to glorify addiction”. J. Cole ventures to break everlasting cycle of substance abuse and dreadful violence.

On 1985 Cole pleads with new and upcoming rappers to invest their money into appreciating assets instead of foreign cars and jewellery whilst subliminally taking aim at rapper Lil Pump for remarks he made toward Cole in early 2017. The song FRIENDS urges us to “meditate don’t medicate” which is a phenomenal message to be given out to today’s youth. On the track Photograph, Jermaine speaks on his own struggles with lust and the implications of digital love. Cole speaks on the topics that many are too afraid to even mention. He captures and portrays the consequences of the actions that lead so many into demise and decay. This album is yet another classic that will be around for decades to come, so listen to it now before the future generation does.