Exclusively from our fave US dream team comes Live From the Cave Vol: 017. The project was sent to us for an early listen so you guys can have a fully exclusive review from yours truly. This EP marks the start of May, one step closer to Summer, three tracks deep, featuring their signature sound with some new aspects and features. For this quick review I’ll be keeping it brief because I really want you guys to check this out. As always its available on Second Womb's Soundcloud which you should be following already. It will also be featured on my REVIEWED BY ME Playlist!

Mystery of Bigfoot is a track with a nice use of keys and lyrics from Dookie. The melody definitely envokes the mystery and adventure hinted  in the title.

Evidence of an urban legend
— Mystery of Bigfoot, Live From The Cave Vol: 017

Snake Oil is by far one of my favourite tracks by Second Womb to date. Its intro is reminiscent of a Tarantino soundtrack, almost pre shoot-out build up music and a feature from Berlin (That’s one half of Marty & Berlin), with expressive vocals and humorous lyrics. Production wise Father Earth teases us with his beats stopping and starting for acapella bars from the boys. Dookies signature sound continues, theres no mistaking this guy on a track, he's got a voice I know well, words of wisdom line after line.

The EP ends with Feels Like, a much quicker trippier track with definite summer vibes. Subtle but present with angelic choir like samples, teamed with a dark electronic key, and a hint of screaming from our guy Berlin (No, really). The cynicism of the track encourages the mind to acknowledge it's heavenly message and deeper meaning and I’m really here for creating a song that is essentially an oxymoron.

Once again a great EP from this duo, with an amazing choice of feature. These guys ability to find artists with their own definitive styles but who really compliment their work is always inspiring. It also allows me and other listeners to discover new music and artists to look out for, which is always a great thing.

Make sure you check out their stuff and keep posted for the rest of the year. We've still got a way to go with new music every month but I must say, I’m expecting such big things for the years final EP. Don’t let me down boys!

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Written by Nancy H Gardner
Insta: @nancyhgardner
SC: nancyhgardner