Vibe, Vol.2

Our fave mancunian beauty, IAMDDB is back following her recent surprise release of the new track Back Again. Vibe, Vol. 2 is an independent project that comes a mere 7 months after her super popular and vibesy Leaned Out, a mellow track featuring those essential summer vibes.

The project features a distinguishably different style from the songstress than what we're used to. The album drops us into a new grittier side of DDB, with more quick lyrics and, despite the consistent mantras of "Keep it G all the time" and "I am DDB", a very different sound to her previous projects. Obviously experimental, IAMDDB pushes the boundaries of genre, testing out various sounds and styles.

The 6 track project features various musical influences including her signature urban Soul vibes with Trap rhythms, RnB melodies and subby beats. My personal favourite couple of tracks include the early released, Back Again and Teardrops featuring lyricist Mugun, which has a particularly gritty sound, which I’m loving for DDB. Vibe Vol.2 shows demonstrates to us as an audience that DDB is still finding herself musically. Despite having her quirks and catchphrases, she is experimenting and testing the waters which is still very much a part of her journey and identity.

Pushing the boundaries of her lyrical content DDB constantly empowers and exists, relevantly, unapologetically, and this is why we love her.

With a busy summer ahead of her IAMDDB’s set to perform at various festivals including Gottwood Festival, Boomtown and Outlook! A massive achievement and I can imagine a super exciting experience working with such big festivals along side some huge stars. As per usual, make sure you check out all the socials for news and check out Vibe Vol.2 which is now available on iTunes and Spotify as of today!