Mid Weekends

A fresh new release from Theodor Black, ‘Weekends’, is available with a dreamy high-fashion visual. The synth, metallic beat teamed with Theodor’s ‘lazy’ weekend vocals pair perfectly with the use of colour blocking. Shadows and movement are a dominating feature in the short piece directed by creatives James Williams and Rosa Parry. With a retro fashion vibe, close attention to styling, using brands such as Kangol and Fendi, connect to Theodor’s wishes for simpler times where love was something requited over BBM or MSN.

The visuals hint at a story of first dates and budding romance but the visuals juxtapose this idea in a kind of cold and disconnected way. Does that reflect the writers feeling of complication associated with being older and wiser?

As a whole, the video  is something I’d describe as “hauntingly beautiful”. It’s the kind of visual that I haven’t come across very often and applaud for being used so creatively and uniquely. Those shady, dark and almost ‘fly on the wall’ style shots are something I love, but also represent the track itself and its relaxed yet intimate listening.

To listen to this track, you can head over to Theodor Black’s Spotify page and is also on my REVIEWED BY ME Soundcloud playlist. For the visual, subscribe to the artists Youtube channel, or Reservoir for related content.

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