Caide returns with his third single and statement from the ‘North’. Coming from Sheffield, located in the Yorkshire dales of U.K, Caide gives us an insight of what life is like for a northern lad.

The track features a raw explosive verse from SIMSIMSOSA, a rapper from nearby Leeds. Sosa starts the track by taking us back and reminiscing the past. The verse reflects the day to day life Sosa experiences as a northern lad. Caide comes in on the second verse of this melodic and warm production also by Caide Online. The verse gives a glimpse of what the young artist’s life is like in the Yorkshire Dales. Using cunning and quick lines to keep the listener hooked, Caide delivers a complete verse and chorus to pump any listener to go see Sheffield.

The production on the track was somewhat a godsend. Caide Online first made the beat around a Jimmi Hendrix sample but later revised the whole instrumental and made a second instalment. Following completion, Caide yet again revised the beat as he said “the sound wasn’t right.” Third time proved the charm as North was finally finished; mixed and mastered by fellow Artist Young Artz.