Mura Masa and Octavian Brings Summer To London With 'Move Me'

Public announcement: summer is here and it's brought to you by Mura Masa and Octavian as this summer riddem ‘Move Me’ is something special.  If this song doesn’t hit top 10 in the official U.K chart this would be the second time the U.K has let me down (The first being U.K representative England getting knocked out the Euros 2016 by Iceland. Embarrassing!). Enough about that, Mura Masa's latest single brings nothing but flavour to accompany that feeling he has just unveiled a Yoni Lappin directed visual. The music video dives deep into Octavian’s world which features the multiculturalism of his London roots.

Mura Masa's conversation with The FADER discussed the concept: 

I think something that me and Yoni as an artist-director duo have always wanted to do is an authentic, British rap video set in London, and when this track happened we knew what we had on our hands. Yoni is amazing at taking a concept and spinning it on its head and I love how this is essentially a hood video made for Cannes. We shut down a whole street, invited Octavian’s friends down and captured the moment

I think Mura Masa did a good job on both the song and the video, which came just in time for summer.