Rizloski 'Shackles'


Preeing the Soundcloud non-stop I stumbled on East London resident Rizloski and his insightful track ‘Shackles’.  Speaking to him about the process surrounding this track he said:

When I wrote shackles I was cycling through some beats and I actually wrote the first verse to a Trap beat but then ended up going with something more melodic. I wanted to make something uplifting with a message that you could vibe to without sounding too preachy, the song is inspired by the madness going on in London right now and I think it’s so important that olders who came from the roads and made it out have some kind of communication with youngers and show them there’s another way to live

I think the message behind the song is powerful, which had me so drawn to it. As well as this, it lacks that preachy feel that some artist tends to do which loses the important connection between artist and audience. Rizloski has found the right balance of making a song with a message that doesn’t sound like he's telling you to do something and takes the avenue of creating an open dialogue between him and the listener.

Listen to Shackles below