New track ‘Regrets’ by MSL is a hot number on the spring Rap charts. The catchy keys and a healthy tag line of regrets being a human feeling, to feel without shame, make for an unapologetic bop.

Touching upon the inspiration behind the release MSL tells The Pit “as men were conditioned from a young age that opening up is not manly” - a true and commendable message to portray, and as a consumer and journalist, is a message I’m seeing a lot more as of late. MSL continues, “Regrets is basically a track telling anyone that’s got any issues, past experiences or regrets still eating away at them, that its okay to open up, it doesn’t make you less of a man!”

The visual, available at GRM Daily, is a peaceful and intimate affair about reflection and loneliness. The video, set in a quiet, space by the Thames, somewhat mirrors MSL’s inability to speak out about his regrets in his youth. But also, reflects a kind of new day dawning in him changing those ways and being able to share with others – via music – that it doesn’t make you any less man!

As you know, we here at The Pit, stan a king who can make an emotionally viable issue into a beat. So check it out, you wont regret it!

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