Round for Round, £ for £


Having become acquainted with MadeByMagic through other extremely talented individuals in Hackney, please do not assume me biased, when I express that this producer is undoubtedly one of the most original, musically competent, natural talents I have ever encountered.

The project he has been working on is an evolving series based on the psychedelic audio of video games, combined with a deep progressive knowledge of Jazz and R&B. These ineffable rhythmic motifs underpinning raw rappers transport you away from any tangible emotion, briefly affording some time out of mind.

The imaginative aesthetic and ‘VS’ concept allow Magic to showcase the complexity of video game music, reminding us of of how in its genesis it still managed to be extremely melodically effective. Combined with pure urban honesty, this project is one for the heads.

In the event you may assume this is the producer’s only angle, assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups. Asides being present in the production of many other London artists’ work, this project is merely a peek into the vision of this young creative. Keep your eye on the ball.