Tess Kharyn releases her debut video for amazing single 'Supernova'. The single balances airy synths with Tess Kharyn's unique voice. Tess does not hold back in this video when showcasing her femininity. The way in which she maintains eye contact throughout the video allows you to be fully immersed as we bounce from Tess in a room with friends to her sinking into a bath, showing the duality of being with everyone but being alone when you have that special person on your mind.

Although the video grading maybe dark, Tess manages to shine through with a single that would easily be a great addition to your wind down playlist. 

As far as debut videos go for new artists, I can say that I am thoroughly impressed - huge shout out to the director and everyone involved. Very excited to, not only see but, hear what is next for Tess Kharyn!