The video for recent offering ‘Vanity’ from South London rapper Kish!, shot candidly on what appears to be film, shows him expressing in his unique form his distaste at other’s inability to understand said form. An affliction that plagues many artists is the intense desire to be honest when regarding art at all times, we are the connoisseurs of the form and in a time when poor quality art is able to succeed almost effortlessly, true artists wish desperately to break the mould, through unique personalities and lyrics which are impossible to misconceive.

“I trust in myself, call it Vanity, that’s sad to see.”  

Kish! ardently protests his necessary nonchalance due to others perceiving a deliberately original stance as ‘Vanity’ Unwilling to change, as this would hinder his originality, he simply accepts.

I have my own distinct way of saying things, and that’s something a lot of people don’t understand. ‘Vanity’ is about me knowing that people are going to think what they want regardless, though. So I’ve stopped caring about what others are saying.
— Kish!

To look at this single from a pure skill angle, Kish! has a skippy but not juvenile flow - it’s literal and unconvoluted but still completely poetic. The track provides empathy for other original artists. Notably Frank Ocean featured an earlier Kish! track Benzo on his BLONDED radio show.

Vanity, and the rest of the work available to check out on Spotify is more than enough evidence of your need to invest in this artist, as he is investing in you.