Swallowed by the Sun


Ensuing a successful debut EP, UK artist duo Toch-UQ and Timi.B., better known as the Cold Callers, have awed the world once again. With a new EP Swallowed by the Sun, they seem to have captured much of the adrift vibes pertaining to affection and love that had brought them so much success during their first EP. This six track list leaves very little to be desired. Opening with The Mood the tone is set from early. Gentle melodies and riffs are used in unison to create a warm euphoric tone, addressing the complications of figuring out the opposite sex.

The song South Central embodies the pressing question of “What is love?” unleashing a whirlwind of feeling and expression. Private Pilot and Weekday broken up by a skit and they strongly capture the emotional highs and lows of relationships. The last song Bloopers is a feel-good, upbeat sentiment. Cocooning words of positivity and hopefulness, this song was a perfect way to complete this EP. Swallowed by the Sun is a generational talent. A once in a generation sort of talent. The Cold Callers are masterful in their delivery and message on this EP. Watch out, a new sheriff is in town.