Tellin' Me

Brum Town is full of exciting talent from the likes of RK, Jaykae, and MIST. Another emerging artist that is one to watch this year is 21 year old Ninioh, member of rap group Blue Room Mafia. He has been making music now for 8 years - It started as a hobby for him but later became a passion. His latest song Tellin’ Me definitely illustrates that he always strives for perfection

The process of “Tellin’ Me” was one of them ones where it wasn’t meant to happen but it happened. I originally wrote the lyrics for a different beat, which I didn’t rate at all and entirely scrapped the whole song
— Ninioh

But like all passionate artist you can never let your work fully die so you try and try again until something comes to you and things click into place, resulting in Tellin’ Me being birthed.