Tired Creature

Photo Credit:  James Johnson

Photo Credit: James Johnson

North London musician – Osquello - continues to explore themes of mind battles with his most recent track ‘Tired Creature’. The song is a pensive journey through those low moments we all are faced with, and how the positive relationships in our lives can give us light and “show the moon”. He flits between singing and spoken word throughout, starting the track with a soulful call - “I find, I lose my mind” – later delving into a spoken snapshot where he questions the reasons behind his artistry:

It’s all for mass destruction, mass repercussions creates consumptions of money, dead productions
— Osquello on 'Tired Creature'

The feature from Poppy Billingham – the voice of Sunken – is a fitting contrast against Osquello’s low soulful tones. Billingham’s vocals float atop the melancholy Rhodes, providing a piercing melody which transports the listener to the dark feelings the song is inspired by.

A step from his usual style of more electronically produced beats, Osquello’s decision to have tactile jazzy live drums as the track foundation gives it a nostalgic feel. The drums align with the imagery of his lyrics, which long for a time when he may feel at peace and be able to properly connect with his loved ones. His production style, in particular the hints of synth, reflect the live hip-hop/jazz approach of BADBADNOTGOOD and Tribe’s most recent release. A brave song with some real substance, it is exciting to hear how Osquello is exploring new ways of music-making and his willingness to be open about his inner-state.